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Bean Town Uprising 


Client ................  Red Bull + Brek Elie  |   Bodega

Role .................. Designer

Year ............. 2019

Merch & Pop-Up  ............. in collaboration with Bodega

Red Bull

Design the poster for upcoming concert featuring local hip-hop and emerging artists celebrating Cousin Stizz’s return to Boston after releasing TRYING TO FIND MY NEXT THRILL.


Assisted in design of souvenier T - Shirt and Pop- Up Shop for Red Bull Presents Bean Town Uprising through position on the  Design Tea  at Bodega.

Bodega Design Team: Ricky Orng, Drew White,  Xtine Lopez, Rasheed Lapointe.


Red and Blue wheat-pasted paper collage builds of this theme in the background while incorporating Red Bull’s brand identity and corporate colors. Offset Lino Cut prints of the featured musical artists collaged in black and white refernces the DIY heart and printmaking of Boston’s current and historical music scene.

These concepts derived from Boston’s music culture were also used in the mood board and execution of the custom graphics and back design for the concert’s merch Bodega T - Shirt. The hand-dyed almost bleach-yellow base, worn grunge collage type, and customizable patches all alude to the visual language of a Boston basement show.

Montana first worked with Cousin Stizz and Michael Christmas during a Boiler Room in Theives Grotto’s basement venue while Montana was a member of the collective. Moreover, the overarching themes of these designs tie back to both personal and broader historical narratives.

Documentation is NOT by Montana Gulbrand

Event Video by Colin Pagnoni via Instagram

Photos by Emily Garber via Instagramhttps://www.instagram.com/emilygardnerx/

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